Thursday, August 15, 2013

Smaller Objects Emerge From UFOs Over Amozoc | VIDEO

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Smaller Objects Emerge From UFOs Over Amozoc - August 2013

Smaller Objects Emerge From UFOs Over Amozoc (Collage) - August 2013

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     YouTuber, Oscar Rivera shares a video of unidentified airborne objects recorded during the daytime in a partially clouded sky, apparently over Amozoc de Mota (a city located in the region of Puebla Valley in Mexico). The video was posted on the 12th (August 2013) and offers no description, other then the title, ovni separandose amozoc, or “UFO separating.”

At first blush "balloons" come to mind in watching these distant, white points in the sky as the videographer attempts to keep them in frame; however, at about two and half minutes into the vid, a smaller object appears to emerge from one of the UFOs . . . and then again, later from the other object.

Several voices can be heard talking in Spanish on the video and although there isn’t a full translation just yet, it’s apparent that all are intrigued by what they are witnessing, and are counting the objects as they emerge.

Assuming CGI isn’t involved the video is indeed curious . . ..


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