Friday, August 16, 2013

UFO Shaped Like Quidditch Ball Spotted During Meteor Shower

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UFO Shaped Like Quidditch Ball Spotted During Meteor Shower 8-12-13

By Christopher Richards

      A UFO bearing a resemblance to the Quidditch ball in Harry Potter was spotted over Harlow - on the day of a massive meteor shower.

The sighting was reported on a UFology website by a witness known only as Alex.

He says he saw the UFO over the West Essex town at 10.35pm on Monday - the day of the Perseids meteor shower.

He wrote: "Three of us were watching the sky for the meteorites but we all ended up seeing some very weird UFOS. . . .

. . . "Then we was (sic) just talking about it and watching the sky and I saw a meteorite but then at 23:29 this was probably the scariest one - four orange circles together, two at the back and two in front in the centre and they were orange balls but they looked slightly different and we noticed them longer they had a line on the left and right side of them like wings but very small similar to the quidditch ball in Harry Potter but much bigger! . . .

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