Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ISS Mistaken for UFO Over Bulgaria | VIDEO

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Alejandro Rojas By Alejandro Rojas

     Another cautionary tale when it comes to identifying potential UFOs is a recent video posted by a YouTuber in Bulgaria using the name “nedialko kostadinov.” The video shows an unusually bright light moving from horizon to horizon. This is exactly what you would expect from the International Space Station (ISS), which it just so happens was flying over the town where the video was captured at the exact time the video was captured.

The video is called UFO NK 61, presumably because it is believed to be a UFO taken by a man with the initials NK, and is the 61st UFO video Kostadinov has taken. Although upon further review, many of these videos also appear to be the ISS, others look like bright stars, but some are a bit more mysterious.

UFO NK 61 was taken in Haskovo, Bulgaria on August 4, 2013 at 5:13 am, according to Kostadinov. This is precisely the time the ISS was overhead according to the satellite tracking website Heavens Above. . . .

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