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UFOs Sighted at Freckley Hollow; The Event That Changed Our Lives

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UFO Fleet Seen at Freckley Hollow

Editors Note: In recognition of the 2nd anniversary of UFO events at Freckley Hollow, we present the original witness report below. This case is still under investigation; if you or anyone you know witnessed the events as described, please contact us here at The UFO Chronicles–FW
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     On Saturday the of 2nd July, my wife Angela and I were returning by car to our home in Bexhill, following a family visit to Kent. On the way back, at around 10.40pm, we passed through the small Wealden village of Catsfield. Shortly after leaving the village, we drove over the brow of a low hill before the road then decended into a shallow valley. As we came down the hill, my wife was first to notice, a large group of very bright, circular lights, which were hovering at various levels, across the night sky. They were all further down the hill, to the right hand side of the road.

At first sight, we thought that they may be some very low stars, or perhaps, a huge fleet of search-helicopters or even a large group of hot-air balloons, that may be performing at some kind of late-night event, but as we moved closer & drew alongside them, it soon became obvious that they were a whole fleet of low-flying airships, the like of which, neither of us, had ever seen before.

As we coasted down the hill, their lights were so powerful, that the night air surrounding them, seemed to be illuminated, like some kind of stage-set. The weather conditions that night were clear & still & we could hear no sound emanating from the lights. I slowly brought the car to a standstill, pulling off the road at the entrance of a small lane, leading to a Christmas Tree farm. We got out of the car with our two cameraphones. There, right before us, we could see as many as ten, yellow-tinted, white lights, which were all hovering & manouvering their positions, whilst flying in close proximity to one another.

We could see them all, completely unobscured, at a low level in the sky, not far above, & just behind, four cottages which stood opposite to us, across the road. We were dumbstruck by the controlled & deliberate flying display that was taking place. . . .

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  1. Loved the information Andrew Ackerly. What a scary wonderful experience you had.


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