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Photographer Spots UFO Hurtling Over The Chevin | UFO NEWS | PHOTO

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Photographer spots UFO hurtling over The Chevin 6-3-06

By Belper News

     An amateur photographer who accidentally captured a mysterious fast-moving UFO over the skies of Belper has come forward in a bid to find answers.

Derek Manley was testing out his new digital camera by taking pictures of The Chevin from the top of Long Row.

However, it was only when he came to look at the snaps later on his computer and zoomed in that he spotted the strange object.

Now, he has decided to appeal for anyone who might be able to identify it after reading a report in the Belper News about strange lights, which were spotted over Smalley.

Mr Manley, aged 70, said: “I didn’t see the object. I was simply checking the new camera to see what it was capable of.

“I took three photo’s in quick succession and it only appears on the second one so it must have been moving so fast across the horizon.

“It was a new camera so I don’t think there were any faults.

“If you take it down to a certain resolution it does look like a classic flying saucer.

“We do get military planes coming over here every so often, but if it had been aplane I would have heard it.

“It would be great to hear from anyone who can tell what is going on in photo. . . .

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