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New Video Shows Yet Another UFO Entering the Popocatépetl Volcano | VIDEO

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New Video Shows Yet Another UFO Entering the Popocatépetl Volcano 5-30-13

The Mexican volcano Popocatépetl 'devours' another UFO


    New images released by the Mexican network Televisa shows a UFO maneuvering right into the crater of the volcano Popocatépetl, located about 65 miles from Mexico City.

In the video, shot near the volcano, you can see several UFOs flying overhead at high speed, and after approaching the Popocatépetl, disappear within its crater.

It is the first case of the appearance of UFOs in the vicinity of the volcano. The captured by the television network Televisa is the third object of this type sighted in recent months in the area.
In a video released last February, a group of lights seen flyers 'will delve' in the Popocatépetl and last November, also detected a cylindrical shaped luminous object which could be up to a kilometer long and 200 meters wide and seemed to enter into the volcano.

This phenomenon has already attracted the attention of many ufologists, some of which get to ensure that you can try to find a place alien intergalactic located exactly inside the Popocatépetl. . . .


  1. Maybe this is a starting point for us to check but how???So interesting still happening HUM

  2. Could be an electric/plasma object due to the circling it did before entering the cone.Following the birkeland current path in.Volcanos are known to generate large amounts of electricity/current/magnetism.

  3. You are correct Shadow, it is very likely that a vast majority of "UFOs" are in fact electric discharge phenomenon that mainstream science has yet to acknowledge. The balance is probably due to advanced human tech. The idea of "aliens" visiting is so completely unlikely, it borders on lunacy to consider such a thing.

  4. I thought this was time lapse photography. If so, then we are looking at both an illusion of speed and and perspective. The airliner moves across the sky and then heads north which appears to be down into the volcano.


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