Saturday, June 01, 2013

Congressman Ridicules 'UFO Related' National Security Concerns of Six Former Air Force Officers

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Congressman Peter King
Congressman Peter King (R) NY

The Face of Ridicule

Bob Salas By Robert Salas
The UFO Chronicles

     When I spoke at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure on April 30, 2013, I intentionally revealed the fact that I, and others, had been in contact with the office of Congressman Peter King regarding my UFO incident that occurred while serving in the U.S. Air Force as a nuclear missile launch officer. On May 2, the New York Daily News published an article by Daniel Friedman, quoting King’s response; “I have no idea what the guy is talking about. We are always getting crazy stuff in the mail by people whose brain has been taken over by aliens or something.”

In fact, King should have had ‘an idea’ of what I was talking about because we have been sending him documents and inquiries on this matter for over two years! We have the records to prove these documents were sent, received and seen by King, according to responses we received from his staff.

It appears that Congressman King simply used this opportunity to ridicule the whole idea of UFOs. In those two sentences, King summarized the method by which our government has maintained secrecy on this phenomenon. First, the idea that extraterrestrial craft have been visiting earth is the belief of crazy people and second, that this is a subject worthy only of ridicule. These are the usual ways uncomfortable truths are avoided.

For the record, the documents that were sent to King’s office while he was Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security were the signed and notarized affidavits of six ex-USAF military officers and an ex-Navy non-commissioned officer. The incidents described in the affidavits were directly related to interference with the operational readiness of our nuclear weapons. They were, by any standard, related to our national security interests and they have continued to re-occur. Another important aspect of these incidents is government excess in secrecy that has prolonged hiding the truth of this phenomenon. Obviously, these incidents have enormous implications worldwide and specifically to the government of the U.S. and public access to vital information.

I concede that this subject is phenomenal. The performance characteristics of these objects, as described by many witnesses defies (current) scientific explanation. However, there is a massive amount of evidence, over decades, in the form of documents and testimony from very credible sources that this phenomenon deserves serious recognition.

The evidence provided to King is direct testimony from multiple ex-USAF witnesses who experienced encounters with these unidentified objects, resulting in interference with our nuclear weapons capability. The fact this information was rudely dismissed so glibly by King is symptomatic of the current lack of responsiveness from our elected officials.

Currently, the U.S. Congress has rightly earned a very low public approval rating. We live in a world where there is little confidence that our governmental institutions will protect or respond to the interests of its people. We all need a change in direction. In order to work toward the ideals of government for and by the people, we must continue to press our elected officials to listen and act on this matter of vital importance to us all.

In my letter of July 22, 2012 to Congressman King, I reminded him of his oath to the U.S. Constitution. Our Constitution establishes a republic with representative government. King is one of those representatives responsible for listening to the grievances of the people. By his failure to consider the evidence on a matter of our national security, he is guilty of dereliction of duty and does not deserve to hold office.


  1. He himself is worthy of being ridiculed and ignored for his ignorance and narrow mindedness. He most certainly will not be remembered for anything of consequence after he loses his next election.

  2. If it does not concern Israel or Gun Control Peter King has no interest in it.
    I grew up on Long Island, i know his MO very well.

    It is sad that something of such vital national as well as Global significance could be so trivialized by a man in such a leadership position.
    Sadly this is what passes for leadership these days in America.

  3. Peter King, an unregistered Israeli agent in nothing but an American hating ZioNeocon who can only see through the eye glasses of hate and contempt towards all those he calls "goyims" that include all non-Jews on planet earth. Him and his other tribe fellows controlling America are being exposed through the independent free internet based media as the same cabal of zioneocons have taken out America's mainstream media along with our entire money, political machinery, education,healthcare, military and the office of the President, to name a few. So those free thinking Americans keep the vigil and keep making the list of these wolves in sheep clothes, the traitors coz we will have another McArthy like public hearing one of these days as these traitors run in El Al flights to Tel Aiviv for their safe heavens like America's trillions sitting in Israel in secret accounts!

  4. Well put Mr. Salas. Shame on those congress members like Peter King who don't have the courage to give a truthful response to what is clearly an important issue. Keep up the good work...


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