Sunday, June 02, 2013

Commemorative Playground To Mark the Spot of a Mass - Daytime UFO Sighting | AUDIO INTERVIEW

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Playground Marks the Spot of a Mass UFO Sighting

By KuljaCoulston

      This morning on your radio we bring together the two minds behind a commemorative playground being built next week on the spot of a mass UFO sighting at Westall, in the Clayton area of Melbourne.

How did this extraordinary concept come about?

Kingston City Council's Steve Perumal has designed the playground complete with a UFO of around the same size and and position of those seen at Westall back in 1966. Shane Ryan is a researcher who interview over 200 people who saw the UFOs, and for many years has lobbied the council to create something on the site.

Find out what's being planned, and hear from some of those who saw the UFOs 50 years ago as they speak with Libbi Gorr. . . .

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