Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Strange UFO Captured On Camera Over Podgorica, Montenegro | PHOTOS

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Strange UFO Captured Over Podgorica 5-9-13


      PODGORICA – On Thursday night, about 9 p.m. unusual light phenomenon, bright orange lights was noticed above Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro, reported.

Astronomers and meteorologists have no explanation for the illuminating body that in a minute or two suddenly changed its shape, size, direction and the speed of movement.

Astronomer Igor Dajkovic said that he is sure that this was not a solid body, at least not according to the current knowledge of contemporary science.

“From the standpoint of my expertise I responsibly claim that this is not astronomical phenomenon. It has irregular movement, and there isn’t a single body on the sky, star or planet, which are fixed, that can make this kind of movement. Not even a meteorite has such movement and when it goes, it cannot change its direction,” said Dajkovic after he analyzed the photos.

He also said that not a single heavenly body can cause this kind of phenomenon. . . .

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