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UFO Caught On Camera Over Morehouse Parish | UFO NEWS | VIDEO

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UFO Spotted in Morehouse Parish 4-1-13

By Nick Lawton

     MOREHOUSE PARISH -- UPDATE: It was this strange light in the Morehouse Parish sky changing colors and glowing brightly that Wayne Griffin said he caught on camera on Monday night.

NBC 10 News showed his video to others and got the opinions from some fresh pairs of eyes.

"It's possible that it's a UFO. I believe that there are other creatures whether it's one we recognize or not," Ouachita Parish resident, Consuela Lockhart, said.

Even UFO skeptics said they can't deny the light's strangeness.

"You know, it could be a star, maybe a UFO," Ruston resident, C.J. Holloway, said. "It's really hard to tell but it's definitely something, something out of the ordinary."

For some folks NBC 10 News talked to, the light is an all too familiar sight.

"My dad actually said that he saw one about 20 years ago and that it was doing the same thing, that it changes colors as it went and then it actually would go one way and then it change direction and go back the other way," Ouachita Parish resident, Danielle Hollis, said.

Then again, for other folks, they think the strange light could still belong to creatures of God.

"I don't believe they're necessarily going to harm us," Lockhart said. "He created everything and maybe he created other things."

When NBC 10 News asked Federal Aviation Administration officials, Mid-States Public Affairs Manager, Lynn Lunsford, replied with this statement:

"Let me get this straight: You're chasing down a UFO sighting on April Fool's Day."

When NBC 10 News persisted that it wasn't a practical joke, Lunsford replied via E-mail that the FAA didn't detect anything unusual Monday night.

For now, this strange light remains a mystery. . . .

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