Monday, April 29, 2013

Aliens Posing Risk to Irish Pilots, say UFO Expert | UFO NEWS

UFOs in Formation Over Cork, Ireland


     London: Ireland is a hotspot for alien activity and pilots in the country have risked death to avoid spacecraft crashes, UFO experts have claimed.

Carl Nally, founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland, revealed that he has spoken with Irish pilots who have had near misses.

He claimed that they've met several pilots who have come into contact with the UFOs, the Sun reported.

"Most of them say that, as they were coming in to land, they were diverted around this cloud, which had a solid object inside it," the paper quoted him as saying.

One aircraft was even damaged.

Nally said that a detective got footage of a triangular-shaped flying object shooting beams into the ground in Dunboyne, Co Meath, on his mobile phone.

Nally and fellow UFO enthusiast Dermot Butler, with whom he founded UPRI in 1998, also reckon the Tuskar Rock air tragedy 45 years ago was caused by aliens. . . .

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  1. Tuskar Rock air tragedy
    Aer Lingus Flight 712 crashed en route from Cork to London on 24 March 1968 killing all 61 passengers and crew. The plane, a Vickers Viscount 803 named "St. Phelim", crashed into the sea off Tuskar Rock, County Wexford
    Although the investigation into the crash lasted two years, a cause was never determined.
    However, in 2002 a review process conducted by the AAIU (Air Accident Investigation Unit) disclosed that Aer Lingus paperwork relating to a routine maintenance inspection carried out on the aircraft in December 1967 was found to be missing in 1968.


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