Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Passenger Plane was 'Moments Away from Crashing into a UFO' Flying Over Glasgow, Reports Pilot | UFO NEWS

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A Passenger Plane was 'Moments Away from Crashing into a UFO' Flying Over Glasgow, Reports Pilot


A PASSENGER jet was moments away from crashing into a ‘UFO’ flying over Glasgow, an official investigation has found.

      The Airbus was less than TEN seconds from smashing into the mystery object 3,500ft above Baillieston on the outskirts of the city.

And despite an extensive investigation the UK Airprox Board - which probes reports of near misses - was unable to explain the unidentified threat, which did not appear on radar.

The scare happened as the Airbus 320 came to land at Glasgow in sunny weather when both pilots saw an “object loom ahead at a range of 100metres”.

But the “blue and yellow object” whizzed under the plane without giving the crew any time to react.

The shocked pilot radioed Glasgow Airport control tower: “We just had something pass underneath us quite close. Have you got anything on in our area?”

The tower replied: “Negative. We’ve got nothing on radar and we’re not talking to any traffic either.”

Both pilots gave the same description of the object which was blue and yellow, “bigger than a balloon” and with a small frontal area.

After landing at Glasgow the chief pilot reported there had been a “high” risk of a collision with his jet. . . .

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