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'Fireball' UFO Sighting Reported Outside Houston | UFO NEWS

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'Fire ball' UFO Sighting Reported Outside Houston 3-24-13


      The Liberty County Sheriff's Department is investigating a reported UFO sighting on Saturday night.

Authorities said a dispatcher received a call from a concerned citizen at 8:27 p.m. The citizen reported seeing "red fire balls in the sky" traveling in a south-west direction from the area of Daisetta in East Liberty County.

Two deputies responded to the call at 8:31p.m. and said they observed four orange-colored lights traveling in the reported direction at an estimated altitude of 3000 feet. . . .

. . . In search of an explanation, the department made several calls to various agencies

The Houston office of the FAA was contacted, but they were unable to shed any light on the sighting. They referred the department spokesman to Houston Tracon, who also had no reports or information

The Regional Operations Center in Ft. Worth was contacted and their report was also negative.

They suggested contacting the National Weather Bureau for any weather balloons they may have launched and this was done with negative results as well.

The Houston Weather Bureau reported they release two weather balloons per day, but the time, location and large number of balloons reported is not consistent with their work.

Deputies said the wind direction at 3000' was reported to be from the north, which would make any balloon-type object drift in a south-west direction. . . .

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