Friday, March 01, 2013

‘UFO Sighting’ Sparks Internet Storm | UFO NEWS

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‘UFO Sighting’ Sparks Internet Storm

     A woman sparked a flurry of UFO speculation from internet users across the country — after witnessing strange flashes in the skies above parts of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Dawn Ratcliffe, 30, from Loscoe, posted on a popular UFO-spotting website when she saw the strange phenomenon out of her window at around 10pm on Saturday, January, 26.

It is also understood that the light was seen above Eastwood and Kimberley.

Dawn took to the web in the hope other users of might be able to offer an explanation as to what it was and since then a host of people — from as far north as Lancashire — have come forward to confirm they too saw the spectacle, although its cause remains a mystery.

Dawn originally wrote: “I was sat on the floor in the living room talking to my boyfriend, facing the window, when outside I saw a massive white flash that lit up the whole sky. It only lasted a split second. It was like it had come from a ball of light, not like lightning. It definitely wasn’t a firework and we went straight outside to see If there was anything out there or an aeroplane or something, but the sky was clear. It was such an intense bright white flash.” . . .

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  1. This was probably a Electric blowout on the pole, it happened here also But I knrw the difference.


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