Monday, February 04, 2013

Silent, Translucent Craft Sighted Near Brisbane | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFO Cloaked

Reader Submitted Report
     Hello Frank

I would like to relay to you an experience I had last year on the night of 20 April around 8.30pm. I live in a northern suburb of Brisbane , Australia and had just arrived home from an afternoon shift from my workplace at a well known airline company. I had stepped from my car when . being a nice clear night I looked up at the sky as I like to do sometimes when I noticed a clear jelly like craft moving swiftly and silently across the sky about light aircraft height of I suppose 500 meters up. It was totally silent and even though I would say it was invisible I saw it due to it being like a jelly like translucent colour, I would compare it to a cloaked craft like you would see on a Star Trek episode. I tracked the craft for about 10 seconds until it disapeared into the darker night sky. It was very strange and I can attest to the fact I was totally sober and of sound mind when I saw this.

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