Monday, February 04, 2013

Silent, Tear-Drop Shaped UFO Cruises Near Radio Tower | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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Teardrop UFO Near Radio Tower

By Reader Submitted Report

     I cannot recall the exact date but it was early fall, I was driving to a park I enjoy when again- something to my left caught my eye. At first

I thought it to be a low flying plane., flying at about the distance of the radio tower next to it , half a kilometer tops. and maybe about half the height of the tower, I would estimate a couple hundred feet off the ground. I saw it clear as day. Saucer shaped / slightly raindropped or pinched toward the rear, it was very slow moving and from what I could tell while driving/ noiseless. after realizing what I was seeing I went for my phone to try and snap some pictures. sadly they are poor quality as my phone isn’t the greatest. they show an object but no detail- useless.. ever since I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of what I saw that day.

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  1. What if everything you think you know is not only "wrong", but is not even close to the truth? What if the truth is not only as bad as you may think it is, but much much worse? We know that radio technology serves many purposes, communication being just one of them. I also may have profound effects on human behavior by its energetics alone. Moreover, one doesn't have to be Mr. Bernays himself to know how it works as a tool of propaganda. Think of the power of entertainment, commercials, informercials and infotainment, and infotainmentmercials.

    That's all dark enough, isn't it? Do we need more to understand the unraveling of our polyannic view of the world? Yes.

    Lemmings. Lots and lots of lemmings. Human beings are not only vulnerable to mass scale manipulation, but they are DESIGNED for it. Mass media isn't only useful for mass scale manipulation of lemings, but they are also designed primarily for this single purpose.

    Now look again, because it gets worse. There is a species of life, perhaps even a different family of life-form altogether, which possesses the power to genetically engineer life on planetary scales, and of course to develop civilization structures which manage the cattle well, just like we do with livestock. So look again at the radio towers, and look deeper, because there is more darkness.

    These radio towers, just as with all technology which is allowed to proliferate, is immensely multipurposeful. It does all that we realize it does in our 1984 paradigm, but it is also a fueling station for advanced interdimensionsal craft.

    Why would they do on this? Because they manage us in order to fleece us. What do they fleece from us? We are ignorant, as generally cattle are, about our being fleeced, in what way, and of what specifically.

    We are fleeced of our divine energy which would normally be what we are aware of and experience as a unit of Light Consciousness made from the essence of God, but which is made vulnerable to being shed as corrupted energy whenever it is entrapped in matter, deceived about itself and made to suffer.

    They feed on this energy.

    Welcome to the Truth, welcome to hell.


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