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New Phoenix Lights Witness Comes Forward | EXCLUSIVE

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The Phoenix Lights as I witnessed on March 13, 1997

The Phoenix Lights as I witnessed on March 13, 1997

Reader Submitted Report
     On the night of March 13, I was in my back yard with 4 other friends. We were goofing around enjoying the fact that my parents were out of town and that we were unsupervised. At one point during the evening, I happened to glance to the north and noticed a pattern of lights that did not fit with the normal sky and were moving at a decent clip. It was 5 small white lights in a tight “V” shape. Judging by its speed, it was ether really fast, or at a very low altitude. I called the object out to my friends and we watched it pass by overhead from North to South at about my 1:00. As it passed overhead, I turned and ran through my house to watch it continue south. At this time, one of my friends had gone out front to move his car and had not yet seen the object. I ran into him on my way through the house and made him come with me out front. “You gotta see this, hurry up!” He seemed annoyed. Saying that it had better be worth it. Once we had gone out the front door, I pointed up at the object. “Holy Sh*t!” was all he could say. We watched it disappear over the houses to the south of us. He said that when it hit the line of houses, he saw it flip over so the two points of the “V” were in the front. I did not see this.

My thoughts…

I have always been interested in UFOs. However, I always thought I would be scared to see one; that I would freak out about possibly being abducted (too many TV shows). However, when I saw the object I was awe struck. All I could do was sit and stare at it. Then, it was like a click. I realized what I was seeing and got really excited. All I could think was that I have to see more of it. To this day, I still sky watch anytime I take the trash out, or head out to my car. I am always hoping to see something. To this day, I still look back at that night with awe and wonder. Most people I have spoken to about this have been indifferent. A few have been very interested. My father was very jealous that he was unable to see and experience what I did. A few friends have also shown interest. None have talked about fear.

So, what was it???

I couldn’t tell you what it was to save my life. All I saw were lights. It was either one object, or 5 in a perfect formation that never broke. Was it extraterrestrial? Was it advanced military technology? I do not know. My house was located south of Chandler Blvd near 40th St. I’m used to seeing planes come in to land at sky harbor. They are usually seen to the West coming in from LA. They look like a vertical line, even though this is just because of different distances. I have never seen anything moving from North to South. I have also seen many things in the sky. I have seen satellites, meteors, Hail Bop; I’ve even seen the stealth fighter fly. I had never seen anything like it and have not since.

* Special Thanks To Mike Fortson

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