Sunday, December 23, 2012

South Mississippi Has Long History of UFO Intrigue

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 South Mississippi Has Long History of UFO Intrigue: Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker Alien Abduction in Pascagoula, Mississippi


      We are not alone.

Look at the fuzzy video posted on YouTube that shows a colorful spinning orb hovering over the water just off the Pass Christian beach in February. It will make you wonder.

Or read various posts on extraterrestrial watchdog websites such as the Mutual UFO Network or UFO Casebook, that mention South Mississippi sightings.

Still not convinced we've been visited by aliens from outer space?

Read "UFO Contact in Pascagoula," written by the late Charles Hickson.

Hickson, who died at 80 in 2011, became a Coast celebrity in 1973 after his claims of alien abduction were made public. In the 38 years after, he appeared on TV, spoke at UFO conferences, gave countless interviews, and co-wrote his book. He continued to watch the night skies until the end.

"He believed that one day they would come back. He wanted them to come back," his daughter Tisha Hurd told the Sun Herald after his death.

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