Sunday, December 16, 2012

Police Officer Claims Flashing Blue Light was UFO | UFO NEWS

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UFO Over Birmingham Airport UK - December 2012

A police officer has claimed he saw a UFO moving at supersonic speed while driving off-duty near Birmingham airport.

     The unnamed officer, an acting sergeant with West Midlands police, saw a ‘light with a bluish tinge’ that ‘pulsed rhythmically’ and zoomed off.

A colleague called air traffic control, but workers there said they had seen nothing.

The officer later told his story to a UFO fan who posted it on the Haunted Skies website.

‘I noticed a light in the sky which was pulsing rhythmically. It was very bright and had a bluish tinge to it,’ the website reported the officer as saying.


  1. Obviously that's no UFO. That's Sonic the Hedgehog. XD

    But in all seriousness, that looked like it could've been some sort of aircraft. Not sure what though.

  2. I saw nearly the same thing in 2005 October in the night sky at roughly 4am over San Francisco CA. There was a thick but condensed cloud cover over the city, with an opening that became visible when crossing the Bay Bridge towards the east Bay on the second section, looking up at the the clarity of the stars above from my position on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle was mesmerizing as seeing stars so brightly a d clearly over the Bay area is something I had never seen before. Looking up and slightly back towards the city over the cloud cover I witnessed a huge pulsing flash of blue light that grew in size , larger than the entire city itself, then at an odd low eastwardly tregectory that went from the middle point of the pluses, a thick blue laser like beam shot out towards space and stopped before my field of view of was stopped by the Oakland hills. My reaction was that it was something that seemed to "charge up" and then shot itself out of the Earth's atmosphere. Although he was driving, my boyfriend also saw it too.


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