Thursday, November 15, 2012

UFOs Over Westlake Village California Captured By Cell Phone Cam | UFO NEWS | VIDEO

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UFOs Over Westlake Village California 11-11-12


     I was in the living room when my mom pointed out lights in the distance out the window. We went outside and viewed orangish, goldish lights accending. We immediately thought they were helicopters, but helicopters dont have a bright orange light on them. At one time there were as many as six lights. They accended, decsended, hovered, changed directions, split up, regrouped, and before the lights dissapeared they began to get dim, bright, dim, bright. We were very confused as we have never seen any thing of this type before. All the lights eventually dissapeared after about ten minutes. . . .


  1. No don't think it's UFOs.Lanterns for sure.

  2. My husband saw the exact thing over San Diego ca Linda vista area on 11-17-12 approx 10:12pm he tried to capture on cell phone with no luck but I found this video ..he also said they were coming from the ground up and looked liked they could be forming the constellation Orion or his belt at least . The only thing in news I found a small article about "orionid meteor showers to peak that weekends . . Very peculiar activity and strange no definitive explanations whatsoever


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