Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clunie Wood UFO Identified | UPDATE | UFO NEWS

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UFO Over Hovering Over Clunie wood


     REPORTS of a “UFO” seen over Perthshire woods turned out to be nothing more mysterious than a spotlight on a tree felling machine.

The unidentified flying object was spotted over Pitlochry last week by Adrian Musat, a chef from Romania.

The 40-year-old first noticed the object when he looked out of his window at 7.30am on 
5 November. He managed to capture a series of images on his video camera before it vanished 40 minutes later.

At 5pm the same day the 
alien-like object reappeared, hovering above Clunie Wood and emitting a “pulsing light”. Mr Musat took more pictures on his mobile phone.

But Forestry Commission Scotland today explained the sight when it pointed out the light was in fact a cabin-mounted spotlight on a harvester working in that area.

Mr Musat’s images had been passed to the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), who launched an investigation.

But he admitted today: “The case is closed.” . . .

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  1. SERIOUSLY? It wasn't MOVING, and folks thought it was an unidentified "FLYING" object? Boy. How empty ARE peoples'lives, ANYHOW?


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