Monday, November 26, 2012

Additional Witnesses & Photos Surface for Pennsylvania UFO Sightings | UFO NEWS | PHOTOS

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UFOs Over Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (1 of 3) 11-16-12

UFOs Over Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (3 of 3) 11-16-12

     I was driving towards the PA turnpike on November 16th, 2012 around 5:30 PM. When I drove over the turnpike on Davisville Road, I noticed 3 unusual lights flying southwest. I then noticed that there were 2 more sets of these lights flying right behind it. It came across as unusual to me because there were no blinking lights like on normal planes and helicopters. It was also strange that these air crafts were flying close together in odd formations. I immediately took out my cell phone and took as many pictures while I could. Most of them came out a little fuzzy, but I did manage to get a few good ones. I knew as soon as I got the pictures, what I saw was something special. . . .

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. . . I observed 3 small objects in a cluster while traveling on W. highway 22 towards Allentown. They caught my attention because they had a trail but were just hovering, then started moving and making sharp tight, turns while the other two would remain still. Then in unison, started slowing moving upward. They appeared very high over the horizon, and since there is an airport nearby I though perhaps there was an airshow. I checked later and there wasnt any that day. As I approached my exit, I noticed a fast paced larger jet from my left towards these entities, and then they suddenly were gone. . . .

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