Monday, August 27, 2012

The Real Roswell Debris?

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Project Helios

The Real Roswell Debris

By Rich Reynolds

     We’ve always suggested that UFO researchers should be looking at The United States Navy, instead of the Air Force, as the source for useful UFO information.

The Office of Naval Research, which began working with balloons for atmospheric flights in 1946, and created Project Helios which morphed into Skyhook, which produced the balloon sighting that killed Captain Thomas Mantell.

Helios conducted various flights from around the country.

The Air Force’s Project Moby Dick used much of the Navy’s groundbreaking Helios research to send aloft balloons of its own prototypical creation, most in and around Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.

The actual venue for the balloon research was The Balloon Test Squadron at the Holloman Air Development Center.

One of those large, polyethylene balloons came down in Roswell’s backyard in July 1947, providing debris from its gondola payload that Mac Brazel collected, in part, and stored in a shed on the farm where he worked.

Concentration on the Mogul balloon project has diverted UFO researchers from the Moby Dick balloon crash and recovery.

If researchers altered there obsession with Mogul and concentrated on the Moby Dick flights for the Roswell time-frame, they’d find enough evidence to suggest that the Roswell story is a confluence of balloon mishaps and egregious mythmaking by UFO researchers in 1978 onward.

Project Moby Dick is the backdoor to the Roswell explanation. That it has been overlooked by UFO radicals is intellectually shameful.


  1. More nonsense from the pen of Rich Reynolds. Project Moby Dick didn't begin until 1951. The first Naval Skyhook balloon flight wasn't until September 1947--in Minnesota, not New Mexico. How could either of these have had anything to do with what happened near Roswell in July 1947? Reynolds seems to believe in time travel and teleportation "explanations."

    The polyethylene balloon flights of Project Mogul began in July 1947, but the fates of all are well known and none could possibly account for the Roswell incident. Reynolds didn't bother to do even basic research, has his history totally screwed up, and is engaging again in his usual wild speculation.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment. I have to say that I whole-heartily agree (generally speaking) with Rich's first "14 words" in his piece; from there he lost me. :>)

    FYI: Jim Harder was a big proponent for the Navy/UFO connection (in general).



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