Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VIDEO | Watch: 2,300 Planets Orbit One Star

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Keplar Planets

By www.mnn.com

To illustrate the horde of alien worlds discovered by NASA's Kepler mission, a new animation crams all of them into one hypothetical solar system.

      NASA has been on a roll lately, despite some prominent criticism over the past year. The shuttle era may be over, but NASA still has about 100 active missions on its plate, from science satellites and lunar probes to Mars rovers and deep-space telescopes. Its Kepler telescope, for example, just discovered 41 new alien planets in one fell swoop, raising its total to more than 2,300 suspected planets outside our solar system.

To put that number in perspective, planetary scientist Alex Parker made the following animation of Kepler's top 2,299 planet candidates, all shown together as if they orbited a single star. Each one is drawn to scale, Parker notes on Vimeo, with an accurate radius, orbital period and orbital distance–see above.

Parker, who works at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, says he made the video to help people grasp the enormity of Kepler's discoveries. "I wanted to convey the astounding number of planet candidates Kepler has found in a way that would really impact the person watching this video," he says in a statement. . . .

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  1. Once again,mainstream scientists are inflicted a scathing rebuttal.Indeed,not long ago,they haughtily kept repeating ad nauseam that the solar system was probably unique in the universe and life was a miraculous event.And now KEPLER provides evidence that our universe is teeming with planets.Who can doubt that life is a very common occurrence.If it emerged on the Earth,it also emerged on countless other exoplanets in the habitable zone!Why does it take so long to adopt new paradigms? In the same vein,how long will it take to admit that from time immemorial,we ve been visited by extraterrestrials(countless UFO reports in the sky or on the ground)and that NDEs are real and offer a glimpse of the afterlife!


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