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UFOs & NUKES | UK | MY UFO EXPERIENCE | UFO Enters Restricted Airspace Over Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility

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Reader Submitted Report
Witness Statement: Dates and times are a bit non - specific on this but it was a while ago.

     Witness Statement: Dates and times are abit non - specific on this but it was a while ago.

Between Jan 2000 to June 2001 I served with the RAF Regiment on SD814 duties, providing armed guard to Nuclear Warheads that were being stored within the High Security Facility at RAF Honington.

When on duty one nightshift (I seem to recall it being Summer and in the early hours of the morning) me and a colleague who had been conducting off - site patrols in the general vicinity of the Weapons Compound, noticed what we thought to be a Aircraft approaching from the South heading North at around roughly 1000 - 2000 ft .

RAF Honington at that time was a non - Operational Airbase and because of the weapons being stored at this location, there was a strict no fly zone in place. As the Aircraft approached and looked to be heading over the site, we immediately rushed to inform the Operations room of the situation. Just as it looked as if the Aircraft was about to fly directly over the site it made a sharp turn to the West and disappeared into the distance. As it passed over, roughly 500m away from where we were standing and still at roughly 1000 - 2000 ft we noticed ,to our amazement, absolutely no sound coming from the Aircraft, just an eerie silence as it passed by.We waited and waited thinking the sound of the jets would follow but they never did.

I would estimate the craft to be around the same size of a Stealth Fighter, with three prominent lights forming a triangle in the nights sky.

The incident was logged with the Duty Watchkeeper that night and nothing more was mentioned of it.
It just always has bothered me about the silence of the engines, and the fact it was flying in a no fly zone.

In my opinion I think it was a Secret USAF Aircraft flying a Night Mission. Would have loved to see it in the light of day though....

* Special Thanks To Andrew Ackerley, Andy Mannion & UK UFO Sightings


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  1. I recently read, that "the U.S. Government spends as much or more on nuclear weapons every year,than the annual operating budget of the U.N." So stories like the one above, makes one wonder...@_@


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