Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UFO NEWS | VIDEO | RUSSIA: UFOs Recorded Over St. Petersburg; Incident Gets Attention By Local Mainstream Media

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Puzzling UFO-Like Lights Over City Confuse Residents

By The St. Petersburg Times

     St. Petersburg residents were scratching their heads about the existence of UFOs on Tuesday after seeing mysterious lights hover over their city overnight.

At least four people in the north of the city captured the unidentified lights on video on Monday night and posted them on YouTube.

“I filmed this out of the window in the evening,” wrote one person, who identified himself only as Newnarva. “There were two objects. After I ran for my camera, only one was left.”

The 27-second video, titled “UFO or What Is It?” shows four bright lights hovering in the pale evening sky to the side of a tall building before disappearing behind it.

One viewer wrote under the video that he also had seen the lights but had not managed to film them.

Similar videos of unidentified lights were uploaded by YouTube users stepacademymail, monplezirvideo and Marina Muskina. Voices can be heard in the videos trying to make sense of the lights. . . .

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