Friday, April 13, 2012

UFO NEWS | CONNECTICUT: A Green, Glowing Object Falls in Bantam Lake

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By Christine Show

     A state trooper and a resident reported seeing an unidentified flying object fall out of the sky, but authorities say they couldn't find anything.

A person driving in Litchfield, Connecticut called police at 2am on Tuesday and told them that a green, glowing object the size of a whale fell from the sky.

A state trooper 10 miles away reported seeing something fall out of the sky and land at the same time.

The driver who reported a crash said that the glowing object fell into Bantam Lake.

The trooper, meanwhile, said the object had landed somewhere around towns Bantam or Morris, but could not specify its exact location.

Neither the driver nor the trooper were identified

After receiving the reports, firefighters decided to check out the region for any possible objects. . . .

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  1. People always fail to mention that the day after; government vehicles swarmed around the lake and were seen from a distance loading 2 sizeable objects covered in tarp onto their trucks.

    It was later on dismissed by Litchfield news source as a "chinese balloon"


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