Friday, October 21, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | "Every Night in the Jacksonville, Florida Skies [UFOs are] Racing Back 'n' Forth"

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By Reader Submitted Report

     Every night in the Jacksonville, Florida Skies (not stars) A few weeks ago while star gazing, i started noticing that most of them were moving. Not in the direction of our planets rotation, but rather racing back n forth, turning on 90 degree n less angle turns. Also swaying back n forth. The movement from here on the ground would travel to what appears up to be about 1" to 1-1/2" before turning or curving back around in a different direction.

That doesn't sound like much distance but if you consider that these objects are in our atmosphere, a star moving 1-1/2" in the sky must be a pretty good distance of travel. And the speed that they travel this distance must be great as well. They seem to be in patterns and holding there positions for the most part and have been there a while now.... As crazy as it sounds and appeared to me myself, I had to get some other person/s to see this as well to insure i wasn't seeing things. So I had my kids come out as well as a few of their friends to see these objects as well..

The did in fact see them and noticed there movements just as I was... I myself do not the equipment or resources to film these objects, but believe someone should try to document them with a high powered telescopic/camera.

Just have to get this out there n tell someone...Thanks...If you witness this as well please comment back, also if you have the equipment to document this please send me a copy...Thanks again...

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