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Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light Down Onto Nuclear Missile Silo at Ellsworth AFB:

Retired ICBM Launch Officer Says Incident
Only One of Many Sightings at the Base

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By Robert Hastings
     Declassified U.S. government documents and the testimony of former/retired military personnel confirm the reality of intermittent UFO activity at American nuclear missile sites over the years. Six of those veterans spoke about such incidents at my UFOs and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C. on September 27, 2010. CNN streamed the event live and a full-length video can be seen below:

Another individual, retired U.S. Air Force Major Gaylan W. King, who was a Minuteman missile launch officer at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, in the mid-1960s, recently told me the following during a taped telephone conversation:
I think this happened in 1967 but it may well have been in ’66. I was a Captain, a Missile [Combat] Crew Commander, with the 66th Strategic Missile Squadron. We experienced several cases of UFOs hovering over sites. Everyone knew that there were weird things going on.

The most interesting occurrence—of about 10 to 15—happened one night at another flight, Charlie. I was in the Echo capsule that night and heard what happened on the Primary Alert System. Following the security violation [alarms], both Outer and Inner, they sent out a Strike Team and received a visual report of a UFO hovering over a Launch Facility—I don’t remember which one—with some kind of light beam coming down from the bottom of the UFO to the site. The team leader told the commander at Charlie that the object looked like a ‘flying saucer’ and the beam was described as reddish in color. The craft then took off at high speed.

This report went immediately up the chain [of command] to SAC Headquarters. Soon, black, unmarked Hueys showed up at Ellsworth. They were constantly coming and going, from the base out to the countryside. You know, we had 150 missiles scattered around out there. Anyway, the Hueys were strategically stationed around the greater area of the 44th Strategic Missile Wing—I guess to get a look at the UFOs—which were very evident for three to four weeks.

The crews of those choppers came to the Officers Club but spoke to no one and disappeared as quickly as they appeared. They weren’t Air Force; they were probably working for the CIA or NSA or some group like that. Short hair, dark clothes, kept to themselves. They were different and stuck out. They were all over the place. I’d love to know who they were.

As soon as they showed up, everything began to clamp down. We heard nothing about the results [of their investigations], but I spoke with some of the security Strike Team commanders, all NCOs, who actually saw the unidentified intruders. This scenario apparently happened at all or most of the Minuteman wings. We heard about that through the grapevine. I have no doubt what the objects were.
The incidents described by Gaylan King are only a small part of the still-ongoing UFO-Nukes Connection, as described in my 600-page book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, available only at my website, www.ufohastings.com.


  1. Anonymous5:53 AM

    UFO sightings are viewed mostly in the venue of Alien in nature although such reports stop short of a definitive statement that in fact these unidentified flying objects are indeed alien.

    MY contention is that there is a very Elite Cabal here on earth that indeed possesses such flying vehicles and obviously the knowledge to create such aircraft. Their knowledge doesn't stop with physics, but spans all of the sciences from Aviation to human behavior and beyond.

    The control of "Knowledge is Paramount" since ancient times to control the common man. The Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus, and so on hid their knowledge from their own people. The is no reason to believe that coveting knowledge doesn't occur in the modern world, in fact it does occur in the name of National Security everyday! More importantly knowledge is expanding at an alarming rate and is out pacing humankind's ability to mature responsibly to use these new found powers of discovery.

    The human race and all life on earth is doomed to destruction for no other reason than man, in reality, cannot handle power and the destructive capabilities of the fore mentioned Cabal is like handing a four year a loaded machine gun with the safety off in Walmart.

    Dig in my fellow humans for the UFO beings are "Us!" The worst is about to come and it isn't going to come from an alien invasion. The death blows of human civilizations will come from very human origins. Good day.

  2. Greetings,

    FW. Your comments to the poster CJ are unwarranted. He states a personal belief about UFOs which may or may not be fact. UFOs are unknown and that is fact. If you intend censorship such as what you posted perhaps you should move your website to Russia or China?

    Now as to the article and the revelation from Major King. I spent over 23 years in the Air Force and heard many odd reports of flying objects. It's known among radar surveillance personnel you will see "fast movers" and "odd craft". It doesn't mean they're alien spacecraft because we lack concrete proof of that.

    However, it does mean that we have an unknown phenomena that requires on-going investigation and could be a national security threat. I don't buy Dr. Alexander's assertion that nobody is watching the store. All of the missing UFO files and information went somewhere and the most obvious place is into Project Roswell as the unknown black ops is called.

    This matter should be on the front political burner for 2012 and Republican candidate Romney has an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. My best,


  3. Good Day AF47,

    You wrote:

    FW. Your comments to the poster CJ are unwarranted.

    The comment you refer to was not a reply to CJ's post, nor directed to CJ per se; it's a static announcement to be used as a guideline for posting in the comment section here at TUFOC.

    Moreover, it has been in place now for a couple of years and was precipitated by "blatant mis-use of this site's bandwidth, e.g., SPAM and ad hominem and or vitriolic attacks on other posters."

    As to CJ's commentary and yours, I respect your opinions and your right to voice them; as long as the a fore mentioned guidelines are followed they will always be welcome here (whether I agree with them or not).



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