Friday, June 24, 2011

Mystery UFO Photograph Found in Air Force Blue Book Files!

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UFO Photograph Ramey - AFB, Puerto Rico 4-16-1967- click on image(s) to enlarge -

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 6-23-11

     In doing some research on UFO sightings in ’67, in the great state of Montana, I happened to come upon this photograph (shown above) while perusing various Blue Book File reports. Generally, “photographs” that accompany said reports that have been reproduced from microfilm, as one might imagine–are not the best in quality; accordingly, this one was a pleasant surprise.

Additionally, and with great perplexity, there was "no accompanying report." I thought perhaps it got separated; however in doing a thorough database search, I came up empty.

This morning, I searched alternate databases and still nothing. The only attribution was a preceding page and it read:

File 11683 4-16-1967
Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
1 Photo

It can “only be speculation,” since we have only the photograph to go by; however, it would appear that it was an airborne shot, presumably taken from a plane. One has to wonder if the shot was taken by military personnel–given the Ramey AFB provenance.

Because the pic was so pristine, it evoked the memory of another like photo, this one taken over Roswell, New Mexico shortly before the Lonnie Zamora sighting (also from the BB Files).

See pic here:

If any readers can shed light on this most interesting photograph–please drop me a line, or post a comment below.

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  1. I believe this picture has been published in David Knight's "UFOs: A Pictorial History from Antiquity to the Present" (1979). The only difference is the date. Knight writes that the object was filmed on April 1957, not 1967!


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