Friday, June 24, 2011

"[Larry] Bryant Courts UFOs Whistleblowers and Files Freedom of Information Act Requests with the Government"

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Larry Bryant
The long-distance runner

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Billy CoxYou’ve probably never met Larry Bryant but chances are you know somebody just like him, a guy with so much time on his hands, he spends a lot of it making neighbors’ lives miserable. But instead of snapping photos of the derelict boat in your driveway or tape-measuring for easement code violations, Bryant courts UFOs whistleblowers and files Freedom of Information Act requests with the government.

And if, as researcher/author Robert Hastings contends, F.E. Warren AFB is ordering its folks to shut up about alleged UFO event unfolding near its nuclear missiles on 10/23/2010, chances are Larry Bryant had something to do with it.

After Hastings began fishing around for sources late last year, Bryant took out an online ad aimed at convincing Warren personnel to man up and jump-start a congressional investigation “charged with overseeing our military’s readiness to cope with any other current or future such events.”

For the 73-year-old Alexandria, Va., resident, needling federal bureaucrats comes as naturally as breathing. “It’s a crusade for openness, accountability and fair play. It’s something that, as Americans, we shouldn’t consider a luxury item. But most people don’t have the time for this. I do. I’m retired, I don’t have much of a social life, but I do have some skills.”

Retirement’s not an excuse; Bryant’s been agitating forever. He got the flying saucer bug in 1957, when he joined the venerable and long defunct NICAP civilian investigation group. He was 19. That was 54 years ago. You’d stand a better chance of convincing Tarzan to give up the vines.

Seriously, check out this guy’s blog. Bryant files FOIAs like most people sling rice at weddings. He knows all the right acronyms and all the right lingo, and he’s all over the board. From “a hostile encounter with a group of malevolent UFOnauts” at Fort Benning in 1977 to “any and all NRO-produced reports of spy-satellite interference from alien spacecraft,” Bryant trolls for minnows and tarpon alike.

His latest project: a deathbed confession form, offered to closeted gatekeepers as a way to clear their conscience on the way out the door. Like so many of his solicitations, this one is posted at

“I view these ads as political poetry,” he says, “and I intend to keep it up.”

Bryant decided to help Hastings after meeting him for the first time last year during the USAF veterans UFO/nukes press conference in Washington. “He’s a grownup nerd like me, and he’s doing very useful work,” says Bryant. “I admire his stamina. He’s in it for the long run.”

Bryant is still waiting for the USAF to satisfy his FOIA request for an incident report on the 50 nuclear missiles that went offline at Warren last October. He doesn’t expect much to come of it. What he’d really like to get his hands on is military gun-cam footage of a UFO. He’s offering a $2,000 reward, but says the figure is arbitrary, that a video of that nature could probably fetch millions. He wishes porn king Larry Flynt would pony up.

“I don’t know why they’re not putting this stuff out there,” Bryant complains. “These UFOs aren’t hostile, the Air Force already says there’s no national security at stake, so what’s the big deal, right?”

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