Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Area 51| "People Should Have Been Wary of Jacobsen From the Start . . ."

Roswell Russian Mutants

Roswell that ends well

By Dwayne A. Day
The Space Review

     Annie Jacobsen must have a great agent. She has written a poorly-sourced, error-filled book about Area 51 and yet has gained tremendous publicity. The book has been reviewed in The New York Times and numerous websites. She has appeared on The Daily Show, NPR, morning talk shows, and even Nightline (although she probably wishes she had skipped the last one).

People should have been wary of Jacobsen from the start, based upon a breathless and unsubstantiated claim she made in 2004 that some Syrian men were on a “dry run” to hijack the commercial airliner she was on. It turned out that they were musicians traveling to a gig near San Diego. So she has a reputation for spinning tales.

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