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VIDEO | AREA 51 | ABC News Interviews Jacobsen's Secret Source; is Latest Roswell Story Debunked?

ABC News Interviews Jacobsen's Secret Source; is Latest Roswell Story Debunked?

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-28-2011

     Unless you’ve been spelunking, in a coma (god forbid), or de void of any and or all “news input,” undoubtedly you’ve heard of Annie Jacobsen’s new book: Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base (New York: Little, Brown & Co. 2011). It’s almost impossible to turn on the television, or peruse the net and not find some mention of her and her tome.

In it, via her “last chapter,” she throws a wrench into the traditional “alien” Roswell crash scenario, claiming allegations from a undisclosed elderly source, with impeccable credentials; that “elements” of the Roswell story were indeed true; however, her source claims, that they were not aliens, but made to look like such, and this was all done for Machiavellian purposes–by no other then Russia, teamed up Nazi madman, Dr. Joseph Mengele. (Did I mention the book is NONFICTION?!)

Jacobsen claims her source stated, that Mengele performed “unspeakable experimental surgical procedures, mostly on children, dwarfs and twins” and a select few of these unfortunates were chosen for a plan to induce another “War of The Worlds” type scare of 1938 on its soon to be cold-war enemy–the United States! .

Furthermore, the alleged “alien craft” was in fact a “Horten brother’s flying disc,” claims the source, with the child mutant occupants inside and that it was flown thousands of miles by remote control to crash in New Mexico.

UFO researchers and enthusiasts alike immediately condemned the book and its thesis for a host of reasons. Personally, for me I was intrigued by her witness(es) who reinforced what “Roswell witnesses” have stated along, e.g., exotic craft crashed, there were small childlike bodies with big heads, eye etc., and there was an immediately retrieval and post cover-up!

Moreover, if one pays close attention: in her book, she indicates that this is what the engineers “were told” (says her source) and that the unusual child-like occupants were “rumored” to be products of Mengele. In other words her source recounted things he witnessed “first hand” and things that he and his co-workers were told (very important to discern the two).

Some have argued that Jacobsen’s claims have made the alien scenario look pale in comparison (I agree); although there have been “general” refutations to her position, no one could deconstruct the “un-named sources” claims for the obvious reason(s) . . . that is until now.

ABC News, through their own investigation claims to have found Jacobsen’s “secret source,” (and they're not naming him either) and in interviewing him have uncovered some major discrepancies. Watch the video below:


  1. What I suspect happened is that the fake story was then fed her to ruin her credibility and take the attention away from the misuse of power by the Atomic Energy Commission and others.

    We've seen similar tactics done in the past. For example, to kill the Bush Jr. AWOL stories, they added a clinker document. Then the story was about that and Dan Rather, not George Bush anymore. A similar thing happened to crush stories about his early party days... crush the reporter, kill the story. No one will touch it with a the proverbial ten foot pole from then on.

    All that in my humble opinion. Please feel free to disagree.

  2. Hi Allen,

    Thank you for taking time to make comment!

    I have not read the book yet, so it's difficult to offer an "informed" opinion; however, it appears there is contrast to what her source, now confirmed to be "Alfred O'Donnell," actually saw and or experienced, and what he was told, and what "the rumors" were.

    Methinks it's very important to discern the two in coming to a reasonable hypothsesis re any motivations by any PTB.



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