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Media Coverage of UFO Events and Research

Dennis Balthaser Speaking at Alamogordo

By Dennis Balthaser

     Over the years that I’ve been doing research, I have never been timid about sharing my frustration about many in the media that are responsible for reporting on the subject. Local and national TV newscasters are some of the worst, hardly ever able to factually report an event, without adding some sarcastic footnote to the end of their report, which in my opinion diminishes the content they are reporting on. Many times at conferences, when photos or film are included with an article, they don’t show the serious researchers, but rather someone dressed in an outlandish costume.

TV documentaries on the subject of UFOs, which I have had a fair amount of time participating in, usually involve show hosts or interviewers, which have very little knowledge of the subject. After filming, some editor or producer back in Los Angeles or New York, will put his or her own take on the material presented. Of all the documentaries I’ve been involved with over the years I could count the respectable ones on one hand. Two of the least credible that I wrote editorials on include the Peter Jennings ABC Special in 2005:

Comments by Dennis Balthaser on the ABC Special “UFOs: Seeing is Believing”, hosted by Peter Jennings

Biased Documentaries by the Media

On the positive side, radio interviews (usually done by telephone), are fun to do and very little, if any editing is done since most are live interviews. Call-in shows are also good as a way of sharing information with a listener, or even having a lively discussion on the subject being discussed. In some cases the radio show hosts have actually done their homework prior to the show airing, making for a better discussion between the host and the guest.

UFO magazine has treated me fairly for several years, posting my editorials as I have written them, while the MUFON Journal has reworded, omitted, or added information to my editorials without notifying me; on the few occasions they have included them in their Journal.

Unlike what most people think, researchers are normally not reimbursed for their knowledge or time when doing interviews. More importantly after an interview is completed, the researcher has no in-put to what the final product will be, consequently I have begun turning down some interviews that I’d rather not be involved in. I’ve also begun turning down speaking engagements that consists of clairvoyants, card readers and psychics, intermixed with serious UFO researchers.

I recently did a lecture in Alamogordo, New Mexico for the First National Bank “Lunch and Learn monthly series”, and unknowing to me at the time of my presentation, a reporter from The Alamogordo Daily News was present. She wrote an article for the paper, which was an extremely accurate account of what I discussed. I found this to be quite refreshing compared to some other experiences I’ve had with the media as mentioned above. With the reporters permission I am including her article below.

Ufologist questions government cover-ups of Roswell, Area 51

Alamogordo Daily News
By Elva K. Osterreich, Associate News Editor
(Used with the permission of the Alamogordo Daily News)

Dennis Balthaser talks to a full audience Thursday in Alamogordo

Dennis Balthaser's quest is to question the government and hold it accountable for the truth.

He has spent a second lifetime, after retirement, investigating UFOs and secret government projects such as Area 51 and underground bases. His program Thursday at First National Bank's Lunch and Learn series was about his journey scrutinizing the 1947 Roswell incident, Area 51, underground bases and the Pyramids of Giza.

"Whatever happened at Roswell, after 64 years, it refuses to go away," Balthaser said at the beginning of his talk. "There is no doubt in my mind the government is failing to disclose."

According to a Roper poll, he said 72 percent of Americans believe the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity.

"Today, cover up is a way of life," Balthaser said. "Most of us have been raised in a box. But I want my children and grandchildren to know what is in store for them."
When someone in the audience asked why those piloting UFOs have not communicated with humans, Balthaser responded by asking why they would want to.

"Their intelligence, knowledge and technology is far superior," he said. "Why would they want to communicate with us?"

Balthaser said it is time for the government to come clean and tell the public what happened in Roswell. There is no more reason to keep it secret, he said.

"What if we received bodies and some 60 years later we don't know what we have, where it came from or how it works?" he said. "I don't buy in to the idea that it would cause panic not anymore."

Balthaser demonstrated some evidence that photos and claims made by the government at the time of the Roswell incident is falsified. He said he has interviewed 100 to 150 witnesses in the case and "probably 1,000" have been interviewed altogether by researchers. These are not only first-hand witnesses but second- and third-hand, too, he said.

Balthaser said there are always reports that don't coincide and people who exaggerate accounts. Balthaser believes the only way now to get real information from a witness will be in the form of deathbed confessions because, he said, there comes at a time when a person can no longer be threatened by government entities.

"I am completely frustrated with UFO research," he said. "I think the answers will come from good research and science."

He said the military personnel who "saw" the Roswell incident are the same ones who planned and deployed atomic bombs.

"How can they be capable of delivering atomic bombs, but incapable of telling a weather balloon from a UFO?" he said.

Then, Balthaser said, 50 years later the Air Force claimed the bodies recovered from the desert were anthropomorphic crash test dummies. The problem with that, he said, is the incident occurred in 1947 and crash test dummies were not in use, or even invented, until 1953.

When talking about Area 51, Balthaser said many secret aircraft, including the F-117A Stealth bomber, were tested in the Nevada desert. The area is included in the property attributed to Nellis Air Force Base. They may be working on a daytime stealth aircraft that cannot be seen during the day because it takes on the appearance of the background sky, he added.

Balthaser said rumors persist that there are up to 22 levels underground at Area 51, but there is no proof because no one can talk about it.

"Credibility and validity are the cornerstones of UFO research," he said. "You and I are paying for something the government says doesn't exist."

On the subject of underground bases, Balthaser said there are numerous rumors of such areas. For example, there is said to be such a place in New Mexico near Dulce on the Jicarilla Apache reservation where biogenetic research on animals and humans is occurring.

About the great pyramids, Balthaser said there is no evidence the great pyramid was ever even made as a tomb for a king.

"No mummy has even been found in the great pyramid," he said. There are no drawings on the walls or coffins. There is an entrance and exit vent for air, whereas in most pyramids made as tombs there is only one vent.

"Dead pharaohs don't need air," he said. "So why were air shafts built in?"
Balthaser believes the great pyramid is much older than people have been led to believe by researchers and it appears not to have been finished.

Each of the four areas addressed at the presentation has its own lecture, Balthaser said. He is available to groups who would like him to present them. His lectures are also available on DVD on his website at

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