Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Flying Saucer" Sightings in Cracow Area

Flying Saucer Sightings in Cracow area

By Piotr Cielebiaś

     On the 8th and 9th of March a series of strange incidents took place in Cracow (Kraków) area. Several independent witnesses observed a strange aerial craft resembling a classical flying saucer with a ring of lights along its rim. In one instance, the object was hovering just above the highway. In two other ones, the UFO passed over the witnesses cars and in the next an unidentified object crossed the sky above Kraków district. Officially nothing is known about it. But the eyewitnesses’ reports don’t lie.

The first report about sighting of a strange aerial craft in Kraków appeared on March 10th. It contained a description of a strange flying object that appeared over Bronowice estate and then flew away towards Balice Airport. The sighting took place on March 9th but soon it turned out that 10 minutes earlier a similar object passed over a car of female witness in Kryspinów. Further reports suggested that two sightings of a very similar object occurred a day before. In the first instance the object was seen in Myślenice area and passed over the witness car then disappearing into night. Two hours later two women saw a strange light hovering over a highway. When they passed below the object, it turned out that it was a metallic saucer with red lights underneath.

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