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UFOs & NUKES | "The Bogey Appeared to Explode in Mid Air and Land in a Field”

UFO Over Whiteman Air Force Base 8-7-1964

UFOs digging our nukes is not news

     A few weeks ago, Frank Warren, who runs a Web site out of Sacramento called The UFO Chronicles, interviewed another retired USAF officer with a national-security secret. This guy was on launch-control duty at a Midwestern nuclear missile silo in the Sixties when a UFO buzzed the bunker he was assigned to and scared the spit out of topside security.

Robert HastingsStories like these are becoming increasingly common. In his 2008 book UFOs and Nukes, New Mexico researcher Robert Hastings talked with military veterans who’ve placed UFOs stalking America’s A-bomb factories since the 1940s, from Hanford to Oak Ridge. Some 120 have shared their stories, and last September he brought seven of them together for a press conference in Washington.
Billy CoxBy Billy Cox
De Void

Anyhow, during his efforts to verify the latest eyewitness account, Warren went noodling through the online USAF archives of the ancient and largely discredited Project Blue Book. And he found something he hadn’t bargained for — documentation of yet another UFO incursion at yet another missile field, and it wasn’t the one he was looking for.

This one occurred at Sept. 8, 1964, at Missouri’s Whiteman AFB, then bristling with Minuteman I warheads, and it was a real doozy. According to the report, the bogey “appeared to explode in mid air and land in a field.” But whatever it was, this “blue light” recovered, regained altitude, and “kept changing course” as it cruised multiple ICBM sites. “Efforts by mobile strike team to intercept failed,” the official continued in truncated English, and as the UFO exited restricted air space, “the chase was turned over to civil authorities.”

Unfortunately for the military, this incident couldn’t be contained because the state highway patrol initially logged it, and “the Secreaty (sic) of the Air Force needed this information in a hurry as someone had reported it to UPI and associated press also had info on it.” So the encounter has been out there for nearly 47 years. But Warren hadn’t heard of it. Nor had Hastings, the UFO go-to guy when it comes to nukes.

“Clearly, we’ve barely scratched the surface on these events,” says Hastings. “The officers are debriefed by OSI (the USAF Office of Special Investigations) when these things occur, they’ll all tell you this, but very few of those records have been declassified. You just hit a stone wall with FOIA, you get a blanket denial, that the OSI documents don’t exist. They’re obviously lying through their teeth.”

But who knows how much other good stuff is collecting dust in the Blue Book archives? Who actually has the time to pan through all that sediment?

“A lot of people presume that anything you find there is gonna be fluff,” says Warren. “I don’t think these UFO nuke reports are fluff; they sure caught my attention because they relate to national security.”

Underscoring, once again, the old quote by President Truman: “The only thing new in the world is the history we don’t know.”

Obviously there’s one helluva lot of that.

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