Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leslie Kean's Book 'UFOs: . . . On The Record' Makes MSNBC's Annual 'Top Space Stories List'; Cast Your Vote To Make It No. 1!!


By Alan Boyle

      . . . Every year since 1997, we've reviewed the top space stories of the previous 12 months and looked ahead to the trends to watch in the 12 months to come. It's up to you to choose which story from 2010 and which trend for 2011 should lead the list. To refresh your memory, last year's top story was the LCROSS moon-crashing mission — which, by the way, continued to make news this year. You projected that the top trend would be the impact of newly developed rockets such as SpaceX's Falcon 9 on future spaceflight.

Here's this year's roundup. Please vote for your top story and top trend using the polls included on this page, or cast a write-in vote with your comments below. For a visual recap of the year, including some jaw-dropping imagery from Hubble's 20th year, check out our "Year in Space" slideshow — and please vote for your favorite space picture of 2010 at the end of the slideshow. On Dec. 30, we'll recap the winning choices for top story of 2010, top picture of 2010 and top trend of 2011. . . .

UFOs take the spotlight: Investigative journalist Leslie Kean makes a splash with her book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record." . . .

Leslie is asking people to vote for the "top space story of 2010," and my book is featured in one of the categories: "UFOs take the spotlight." The link is below - it's very easy to scroll down and vote for "UFOs in the spotlight."

I'm very excited about this. It's important for establishing the importance of UFOs in the context of space, NASA, studies on exoplanets, etc. How great to be listed right along side these other mainstream issues as a top space story of 2010! This is a good message for SETI. That's why it's so important - it's about the subject, not the book, and this elevates it into equal status with scientific space exploration. We have to win this because of the message it sends to scientists!!–Leslie Kean

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