Friday, August 13, 2010

TONIGHT - FRIDAY THE 13th: Author Leslie Kean on The Joiner Report

Author Leslie Kean on The Joiner Report
By Sherry Boardman
The Joiner Report

Sherry Boardman     After ten years of investigation of hundreds of government documents, aviation reports, radar data, and conducting intense interviews with high caliber eye witnesses, Leslie Kean’s findings have been published. UFOs: Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record is the result and will be the topic of The Joiner Report on Friday, August 13.

Kean is a New York-based investigative journalist and co-founder of the Washington-based Coalition for Freedom of Information. Her articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world. She has also co-authored several books.

In an effort to obtain disclosure of the December 1965 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, incident, Kean sued NASA for classified documents regarding an object that moved across the sky and crashed in the woods southeast of Pittsburg, but was never “officially” found. The NASA documents were released on court order.

An informative site on the author’s background and recent publication, including a synopsis, is as well as others.

Tune in to The Joiner Report with guest Leslie Kean on Friday, August 13, 9-11 p.m. Central, on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network.

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