Monday, August 09, 2010

The Oregon Bob Case: We're Back, Alive and Well (Now The Real Work Begins)

Oregon Bob Case Photo Above The Fog
By Johnny Anonymous

Johnny Anonymous     Well.. Alive at least...

We certainly appreciate the emails and other 'messages' in regards to our disappearance, it can be told now that we were on a "special assignment" in Oregon to investigate and if possible debunk outrageous claims being made of 'Unusual UFO Phenomena'. This supposedly has been ongoing for about 8+ years or so and being experienced/witnessed by several people on numerous occasions.

I was fortunate enough to have as my companion my esteem colleague and friend Frank Warren of the website UFO Chronicles, and a long-time UFO researcher that was responsible for the release of the 1942 'Battle of LA' UFO photograph to the world (just one of many of his 'pet projects').

We just recently returned back to California, making it back alive contrary to the many sorted rumors of us being sucked into a dimensional vortex to the other side. As soon as Frank and I get some much needed sleep and rest, we will both be posting our results of our preliminary investigation. There are literally hours and hours of both audio and video (not to mention witness testimony) that needs to be analyzed and scrutinized. Although our presence is no longer in Oregon investigating, the real work starts "NOW" in the processing of said data gathered and seeing what path it takes us down, (hopefully something more than anecdotal).

So please accept my apologies for my ongoing absence while we (Frank and I both) get knee-deep into this analysis. I wont be on much as I don't want any distractions until we feel were ready to release what we have gathered...

So Stay Tuned (and be patient) . . .

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