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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Lincoln, CA Resident Recounts Multiple 'Triangular Craft' Sightings

Triangular UFO As Seen By Anthony Sanchez
By Anthony F. Sanchez

     I live in Lincoln, CA and since 2007 I have experienced three very distinct triangle sightings.

Both the night sightings occurred over the same large field near the intersection of Ferrari Ranch Rd and Joiner Parkway. The first sighting occurred in the summer of 2007 and the second in near Christmas of 2008. I never reported them before.

There is little light contamination and the field that I am talking of is pitch-black at night. So I know what I saw was real. No sound, just three white lights and one red blinking light.

Because I live near the Lincoln Airport, and because I grew up living in a house across the street from Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose, CA I can distinguish with 100% certainty what a small airplane sounds like. The object I have seen twice at night made no sound whatsoever. And the small aircraft that do fly nearby really do make lots of noise.

Triangular UFO As Seen By Anthony Sanchez 2010
Last Thursday on May 6th 2010 both my two sons and I witnessed a low flying unidentifiable craft in the shape of a triangle in broad daylight at 6:45 PM. This occurred at the intersection of Ferrari Ranch Rd and Joiner Parkway.

The craft had three small but very bright white lights (no red and no green navigational lighting) were visible, and the craft was nearly the same color as the sky, a muted white and grey color.

The shape was odd. At first I though it was a helicopter, I told my sons to look at the helicopter as I was driving. But my kids both said, "Dad that's not a helicopter."

I slowed down to look; it was not like any conventional air craft that I know of. It had three points, with the end of each wing tip pointed upward; all wings were equal in length and in shape. There was no propeller visible.

I slowed down, looked and we all agreed it was an odd looking triangular shaped air craft. It flew (almost hovering) very slowly and was only about 500 feet above us. We could clearly see the craft. I searched for numbers, colors, etc. but it had no markings. And what was strange is that it had no windows or anything that appeared to resemble a cockpit. The craft had a half domed shaped middle section, and was slightly elongated. The dome area was flat on the bottom.

As we watched, the craft flew straight in our direction before banking to its right exposing the three equally sized and shaped wings and flat bottom. It flew off at higher rate of speed towards a northwestwardly direction. Then, as we drove away it disappeared from our view.

My sons are 12 and 10 years old, and they both know planes, as do I. And this was not a plane. I have been online since then to try finding experimental kit-type planes to debunk what we saw, but I simply cannot.

I have searched Google looking through thousands of possible planes that could match what we seen. And since the Lincoln Airport is nearby, I have called them and asked if any unusual looking planes were flown on that day, they said "no". And nothing I can find online matches what I saw.

This is not a hoax and I am 100% for certain about what I have seen. I feared that people would say I was crazy so I kept my past two sightings to myself except for with my wife and kids. But now that my own two boys have witnessed what I have seen, I am deciding to come forth and share what I know.

I would be willing to take a polygraph to prove I am stating the truth.

I hold a BSc. in Computer Information Systems; I am a respected high-level Senior Software Engineer and a Special Consultant to the State of Ca. I've been a software and network engineer for Intel, HP, Acer and Netscape Communications for the last twenty years.

The last reporting I made to MUFON was 11 years ago in 1998 for a Fremont CA sighting that my wife video taped at our 4th of July party. It was a silver object hovering in the sky in broad daylight. Please see link below. I took lots of flack from people who I knew and trusted, so that is why I chose not to report what I saw in recently in 2007/08.


  1. I just saw 3 low flying, triangle shaped ufo's heading towards South California. The disturbing part; the 1st one was the biggest (4 white lights on right, 4 white lights on the left, and 3 red lights in the center), followed by a median sized ufo, and finally the smallest which is the replica of your picture. It even turned it's head lights on as my family and I starred and talked about it. It made no sound (except for the last one). It is not an airplane since my family and I are also used to seeing San Francisco airplanes. It all occurred in Northern California.

  2. I too have seen a triangle shaped aircraft hovering 300 feet above the power transformer station next to Olympus Point UA Movie Theatre ( Roseville, CA ) in May 1997. It was like it saw me looking at it and three round lights on bottom of the aircraft started spinning in a clockwise direction and then it accelerated out of my line of sight in one second heading towards Beale Air Force Base.


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