Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Researcher Scott Ramsey Reveals New Evidence in His Upcoming Book On The Aztec UFO Crash on The Paracast

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Scott & Suzanne
By Frank Warren
The uFO Chronicles

     Long time researcher Scott Ramsey stops by the Paracast to share some new elements/evidence that will be published in his upcoming book on the Aztec UFO crash; Scott has been investigating the case for close to 25 years; a good portion of that time he was joined by his lovely wife and research partner Suzanne.

Together they picked up where Frank Scully & Bill Steinman left off, uncovering a large amount of new evidence as well as never before known witnesses!

Additionally, it was my privilege to guest-host this episode with Gene Steinberg while David Biedny takes a respite. (Thank you David!)

To listen to the show--follow the link below:

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  1. Frank, will the info regarding Bunce, and "the Mound" at Wright Patterson AFB where the ship was supposedly stored be included in the new information?

    Also, what about the reporter's identity (given as the same name), as per the New Mexico newspaper article I sent you the link for?

    Looking forward to this book, to be sure!!


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