Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On The Joiner Report:
Ufologist Larry Lowe Discusses 'The Phoenix Lights Documentary Premiere'

Phoenix Lights UFO
By Sherry Boardman

Larry Lowe and Angelia Joiner on The Joiner Report, Friday, Feb 12, 9-10 p.m. (CST) on the UFO Paranormal Radio network.

Larry Lowe     In May 2008, Phoenix-based UFO investigator Larry Lowe conducted an examination of the March 13, 1997, Phoenix Lights events for Base Productions producer Chris Lofft.

On Feb. 22, his investigative work on the phenomenon will be featured in a documentary to premiere on the National Geographic Channel as “American Paranormal: UFOs Over Phoenix” and scheduled to air at 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. EST.

Lowe said the new documentary focuses attention on the 8 p.m. craft sightings as a separate event from the controversial 10 p.m. lights seen south of the Pheonix Valley. Building on eyewitness accounts of the sightings that night, the challenge presented to a scientific analysis team is to try to account for witness observations with known technology.

“Not surprisingly,” Lowe said, “the conclusion arrived at is that science and the known state of human engineering cannot account for the observations reported by hundreds of Phoenix residents more than a dozen years ago.” He said there is no known means for human designed and produced technology to create objects that match the observed performance characteristics of whatever presented itself on that night.

According to Lowe, this episode, following the tradition established by James Fox in “I Know What I Saw” and opens with its own look at the Phoenix Lights incident, takes the observers’ reports at face value and ends up with essentially the same conclusion. Either there is an enormously well-funded and unimaginably successful alternate technology development program that has no apparent application in everyday reality, OR somebody other than human beings are operating technology so advanced as to appear magical in our skies.

Lowe is a veteran of three decades of inquiry into the UFO phenomena and has recently taken a more active role in the public discussion of UFOs. He is a journalist for He has appeared on the History Channel as a UFO reality spokesman and is active in the formation of Evolver Phoenix, a node of the Evolver network, dedicated to positive transformation of society towards sustainable stability.

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