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Digging Away

Digging Yourself Into a Hole
By James Carrion
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James Carrion      In response to Rick Nelson’s article “Using Your Own Common Sense in UFO Investigations” posted here:
How timely Mr. Nelson that you took the time to further elaborate on the Stan Romanek case and why we don’t see eye to eye on Stan. Case in point:

Let me quote your article if I may:
“I have found certain actions and conduct by Mr. Carrion in this matter inappropriate, unprofessional and in some instances inexcusable.”

“ There comes a point when every individual has to stand up and call a spade a spade. I’m standing up Mr. Carrion and publically saying, “Develop some healthy ethics and do the right thing or get the heck out of the way of those who are trying to.” There’s far too much at stake for humanity to let a “so-called” watchdog attack victims and contribute to UFO cover-ups. “
Let me respond in kind: I am calling a spade a spade and that same spade is digging their own hole of deception from which there is no way out. Let me quote further from your article:
“In a recent radio broadcast Mr. Carrion stated that Lisa Romanek lied about a detail of a meeting she was at with Mr. Carrion and her husband Stan. Anyone who knows Lisa has absolutely no question about her integrity and complete commitment to speak only the truth even when it is personally embarrassing, difficult or painful. To me this is not acceptable conduct by anyone’s standards and I won’t let this kind of conduct go unchallenged. I know of, and openly defend, Lisa Romanek’s honesty, intelligence, memory and integrity.
So let’s examine some recent events that demonstrate how off kilter you are about the Romaneks. On December 28, 2009 Stan Romanek called the MUFON office asking for MUFON’s legal department. On the same day a “recorded voice” called the MUFON office asking for MUFON’s legal address so that MUFON could be served papers. On the same day, Leslie Varnicle, MUFON Colorado State Director received a voice mail from Stan Romanek also asking for MUFON’s legal department. After mulling this over, I posted on the next day, December 29, 2009, my article found here:
Now Lisa was gracious enough to DENY that Stan even made these phone calls in her "white flag" article, where she stated:
“Mr. Carrion can tell all of the BS lies he wants, I cannot stop him, but I will state Here and Now that Stan Romanek did not call and threaten a lawsuit against Carrion… I don’t know what Carrions new game is, but I think he has lost his marbles!”
So I challenged her on this by asking:

What are you denying Lisa? That Stan called the MUFON office? That Stan asked for the MUFON legal department? That Stan asked for the legal address MUFON could be served at? That Stan called Leslie Varnicle and left a voice mail with the same demands? Are you saying that someone was impersonating Stan? Are you also denying that Stan has threatened legal action against MUFON in conversations with others? State it plainly and clearly so all can understand.

Lisa’s hole-digging response:
“Stan and Leslie Varnicle are friends and have been for many years. Stan did leave Leslie a message asking her if there was a legal department in MUFON but only after your post was on the Internet! Stan and Leslie had a conversation regarding your article of a threat of a lawsuit. Stan asked her what was going on and if she knew why you would write such an article. Stan already knew that there was no such department after the disaster years ago with our MUFON investigator who kept (stole) important evidence belonging to Stan. MUFON could not take legal steps to recover the evidence for lack of such a department! I don’t see how a phone call or voice message to a friend’s personal phone asking a question can be seen by anyone as a threat to sue MUFON or you for that matter, especially after the article was posted!!”
And now the hole is 20 feet deep. Lisa admits Stan made a call asking for MUFON’s legal department, even though she denied it earlier, except now the story is twisted to make it sound like Stan did this in reaction to my blog article. Bullshit! Lie! Deception! – Is that spade enough for you Mr. Nelson? Unless Stan time travelled to December 29 to read my blog article and then back to leave his original voice mail on December 28, the Romaneks have been caught in a plain and simple bold-faced lie, all documented in writing. Are you still singing the integrity praises of Lisa Romanek?

Here’s my advice Rick – perhaps you should use the “common sense” you profess to and extricate yourself from the hole that you are sliding down into that is the Romanek saga, or perhaps you prefer to pick up the spade yourself and help dig the hole even deeper.


  1. In response to James,

    James I am glad people can read the entire written debate themselves, and not rely on your personal translation of it, because you have twisted my words to suit your argument once again:
    Lisa admits Stan made a call asking for MUFON’s legal department, even though she denied it earlier, except now the story is twisted to make it sound like Stan did this in reaction to my blog article. Bullshit! Lie! Deception! –
    I did not say that Stan called to speak to anyone in the Legal Department you fool; I said he had a conversation with a friend who works for MUFON on her private phone, after your article was published!!!! Stan never threatened a lawsuit against you or MUFON.
    I for one am thrilled beyond thrilled that you have resigned your position as International Director of MUFON. However James, you never posted my response to this original blog that was sent to you on the same day you posted it. Why? Was it the question about the "Ethics Committee" that bothered you?
    I will restate it here! (Not that it matters now, March 1st is not far away...just making a point!)
    Does MUFON still have an Ethics Committee, consisting of four (unnamed) MUFON Board members? John Schuessler set it up back in I believe 2000 when the “Carpenter Affair” was going on. For those of you who do not remember or are not yet aware of the “Carpenter Affair” I will give you a few detail s that I have learned. Apparently John Carpenter, MUFON's Director of Abduction Research, apparently sold 140 abduction case histories to wealthy Robert Bigelow of NIDS for the sum of fourteen thousand dollars. Now remember that this happened back in 2000, way before Bigelow was funding MUFON. After the promise was made that the finding by the ethics committee would be published in the MUFON Journal the only statement found was, “John Carpenter has vacated the post of MUFON Director of Abduction Research, citing personal reasons and the need to spend more time with his career activities".
    I was curious about this committee, because I was going to suggest that you be brought up before the “Ethics Committee” for your very personal and public attack on not only Stan and I but other witnesses perhaps they could force you to resign your position….and then you resigned. Interesting!
    Oddly enough your post here on the UFO Chronicles announcing your resignation states the same needs as Mr. Carpenter’s….., personal reasons (son and parents)and to focus on your business activities.
    I am finished with this hate filled mud flinging debate. This behavior on both sides is just ugly, heartbreaking and disgusting!
    I am better than this…. and so are you Mr. Carrion!

  2. James Carrion Writes in:


    You definitely know how to speak half-truths. Of course Stan talked to Leslie Varnicle AFTER the article was published but NOT to ask for MUFON’s legal department but instead to try and salvage the nightmare scenario he created by being stupid enough to try and legally intimidate me. So stop twisting the truth in your favor and fess up to the real truth – namely that Stan or his cronies attempted to legally intimidate MUFON and me to stop questioning his claims.

    I love the way you attempt to turn the tables and try to focus back on me. MUFON ethics committee, why I left MUFON, my stint in military intelligence, etc. Nice try, but no cigar. The focus is on you, Stan, Stan’s claims, refusal to release evidence, and the cult-tactics you use to promote your agenda.

    I am also thrilled that I am no longer in the MUFON leadership position – it provides me great latitude to say what I want to say and not worry about how MUFON is perceived. Now the gloves are off.


  3. Mr. Carrion...
    Just so you know - I personally believe (at least I am one) that many people are most likely very grateful for your speaking the truth. We have enough trouble seeking truth amidst the constant half-truths and misleading red herrings offered us from people who really do NOT want the truth known, without having to also deal with less than honest publicity seekers who have no apparent interest in seeking the truth and have no conscience when it comes to putting out manufactured scenarios for a quick buck or notoriety. I think I speak for more than just myself when I say I'm GLAD you have "Fallowed" this rabbit down the proverbial rabbit hole to expose the problems with the 'story' as presented. Thank you for being diligent and diplomatic and for remaining unruffled and persistent yet keeping your dignity.


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