Thursday, October 22, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Air Traffic Rerouted at La Guardia Airport While Dozens Witness Cylindrical Shaped Craft

UFO Over Laguardia Airport
Reader Submitted Report

     Dear Frank:

I witnessed a daylight sighting of a black cylindrical object over LaGuardia Airport in NY in the spring of 84'.

This sighting was witnessed by hundreds of other people and at least 50 of them where within 200' of me at the time. It was late April 1984 at around 2 PM. I do not recall the exact date.

I was supervising the construction of the Budget Car rental facility on Ditmars Blvd. and 84th Street in Jackson Heights directly across the Grand Central Pkwy from the approach end of LaGuardia's runway 4.

I was conducting a project meeting of contractors on the site inside an office trailer. This meeting was attended by about a dozen people including my immediate superior from the firm I was working for. When the meeting concluded we went outside to tour the site.

Upon going outside we saw all the workman on the site standing around looking up at the sky. They were looking at this black cylinder hovering motionless in the sky over the airport. There were many cars pulled over to the side of the boulevard and on the Grand Central Parkway with their occupants standing beside them also looking up at this object.

The weather was clear and cool with almost no clouds in the sky. It was fairly windy but other wise a nice early spring day. Aircraft were landing all day long every few minuets up to this point in the day. I soon realized that the planes were no longer landing while this thing was in the sky over the approach end of the runway. The tower had quite obviously diverted the traffic and stopped the

I am a former US Army Combat Helicopter Pilot with well over a thousand hours and more than 280 missions flown over Vietnam (June70-June71, 92nd Assault Helicopter Co, 10th AvBat.17th Group) . I received my Fixed Wing Private Pilots license at 19, my Commercial Pilots Helicopter license at 22 after finishing Army flight School in 1970. I know nearly every plane that exists and I know what I am looking at when observing aircraft in flight.

When I realized that the aircraft were no longer landing and that the air traffic into the airport was stopped I went to my car and retrieved my flight bag which I always carried with me and got out my flight guide publication to look up the LaGuardia Tower phone number. I called the tower from my trailer office and asked the person who answered the phone if they knew what the object in the sky over their heads was. He said " I am sorry sir, I don't know what you are talking about there is no object in the sky over the airport" then he hung up.

The black cylinder just hovered there motionless and soundless for more than 15 minuets. It was not being blown around by the winds at all and it never changed its directional orientation at all. By this I mean that one of its ends was facing East and the other end was facing West the entire time.

After about 20 minuets it began moving slowly in an easterly direction. No turns no altitude changes. It moved away in an easterly / southeasterly direction towards Kennedy airport. We watched it until we could not longer see it in the distance. Never made a sound, had no markings, no protrusions, no antennas, no apparent windows, portals, seems, joints, or hatches or the like.

Once it was out of sight the airplanes began landing again at LaGuardia. I never reported it to anyone because there were so many people seeing it out there that day. I saw a police car from the 114 Precinct pulled over on the side of Ditmars Boulevard with two officers standing beside it also observing this object. I was sure I would see something on the news that night but there were no radio or TV reports at all.

This object is exactly the same as the cylinder object now seen on a You Tube Video taken from a Russian fighter gun camera. It is what I saw in 1984.

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