Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Know What I Saw
A Review
By Larry Lowe

I Know What I Saw

Editor's Note-James Fox's film, I know What I Saw premieres tonight Sunday, October 04 09:00 PM (eastern time) on the History Channel-FW

I know what I saw...The Phoenix Lights

"The result is must-see television for everyone who has yet take the subject seriously."

By Larry Lowe
Phoenix UFO Examiner
© 10-2-09

Larry Lowe     The Phoenix Lights is the premiere UFO event examined in a groundbreaking new documentary film set to air on the History Channel Sunday, October 4 with an encore on Monday the 5th. Veteran UFO journalist James Fox has managed against all odds to create and secure an air date for a paradigm-shifting examination of what we know–and what we don't–about unidentified flying objects. The result is must-see television for everyone who has yet take the subject seriously. The veteran UFO student will be familiar with the material, but may surprised at the tone of the presentation.

In a textbook example of the proper use of television as a means to educate and inform a mass audience, Fox has taken a step towards rectifying the greatest failure of modern mass media to achieve its potential—the industry assumption that the UFO story is 'only good for entertainment' as one industry executive put it to Fox.

The industry also said you could not base a documentary around a press conference, but Fox disagreed and persevered. He gathered a prestigious panel from around the world that in 2007 presented a tour-de-force review of best evidence at the National Press Club in Washington DC. In it, high-ranking military and well-qualified civilian witnesses from around the world made two things startlingly clear: something of truly incredible capability is operating in Earth's biosphere and has been for at least the last half century or more—and the United States is woefully behind the rest of the planet in acknowledging that simple fact.

A year after the conference Fox had a rough cut of the film ready to distribute and the real difficulty of his project became apparent: No one was prepared to air a documentary of this caliber, tone and quality, which presents the best evidence at face value and asks the embarrassing question "Why are we ignoring this?"

* Special Thanks To Larry Lowe For His Permission To Publish a Snippet of his review

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  1. This is a great 1st step to Disclosure and with the new google earth amorphous earth i think that maybe True Proof for disclosure may be happening now at a slow trickle rate.


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