Monday, October 12, 2009

Are You 'Fallowing' Me?

Romanek Snippet

By James Carrion
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Editor's Note: The Romanek's were offered the opportunity to present a rebuttal to Mr. Carrion's previous OPED found here, and the same proffer is attached in this instance-FW

James Carrion Stan Romanek recently took his story to the air waves on the Angela Joiner report to explain why the word fallow always seem to be showing up in documents related to his alleged claims of alien abduction and government conspiracy. Blogger Chuck Zukowski recently posted an article supporting Stan's claims that the word "fallow" was a commonly misspelled word and was not evidence of any impropriety in his case. Well, I guess every word in the English language is mangled and misspelled to one extent or the other, but that is not what makes this misspelled word a GIANT, IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE, red flag in the Romanek case. Let me spell out the problem in plain English.
  • The word fallow shows up in Stan's original UFO reports to the National UFO Reporting Center.
  • The word fallow shows up in the UFO report to the National UFO Reporting Center by a 3rd party witness that allegedly had no relationship to Stan Romanek but corroborates one of his sightings.
  • The word fallow shows up in an alleged Air Force document that Stan mysteriously received in his mailbox, subject "Project Romanek".
  • The word fallow shows up on the Jeff Rense website in an online posting by alleged physicist John Mannon who supports Stan's story.
  • The word fallow shows up on the Above website in a posting by another alleged physicist (TommyBoy) who supports Stan's claims.
The fact that the word fallow got mispelled in any single document or online posting is not the issue but that the mispelled word shows up in so many third party documents supporting Stan's claims -third parties that allegedly have no relationship or connection with Stan. What are the odds that all of these third parties mispelled this same word (in documents supportive of Stan), is due to chance? The Romanek's don't want you to mull this over using critical thinking but would rather try to refocus your attention on the word fallow being a commonly mispelled word. I don't buy their argument and I continue to consider it a red flag until one or more of these third parties come forward and prove themselves to be real people. Will the real John Mannon please step up? Not by posting again to the anonymous Internet but showing some ID in person so you can be verified to be a real physicist.

Now I have said it before and I will say it again, if the Romaneks want to prove their claims, then they should release ALL of their alleged video and photo evidence for the world and independent researchers to examine and analyze. Instead they have tried to paint that I am on some sort of personal vendetta to discredit their claims. Taking their claims to the airwaves and the blogs with "I don't know how that word got there" and "it is really no big deal" counter arguments is not going to settle this matter. Neither is trying to portray this as MUFON vs Romanek or Carrion vs Romanek.

So critical thinkers, put on your thinking caps and weigh the evidence, and if you are a statistician, take it a step further and calculate the odds. Are you fallowing me here?

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