Friday, August 21, 2009

Phase Two by C. Scott Littleton:
An Intriguing Novel Intertwining Speculations on Mythology and the UFO Enigma

Phase Two By C. Scott Littleton
By Red Pill Press

Scotty Littleton     Red Pill Press is pleased to announce its first speculative fiction release: C. Scott LIttleton's Phase Two. Since his strange and otherworldly experience in the desert of southern California ten years ago, anthropologist Cullen J. Wisdom has found his career and marriage in ruins, with more questions than answers. But a seemingly chance encounter with an exotically beautiful woman on a crowded commuter train in Japan will set him on a course that will lead him to everything he’s been seeking, and more. Now presented in its definitive form, C. Scott Littleton’s Phase Two is at once an ambitious and entertaining novel that presents his extensive knowledge and speculations on mythology and the UFO enigma.

"After decades speculating on something as esoteric as alien abduction, we are no closer to the truth now than we were at the beginning. What is satisfying about Phase Two is that Littleton's plot line could be close to the answer. The author . . . has paid close attention to the contradictions and confusion inherent in the [UFO] phenomenon’s behavior, but still is able to weave disparate data points into a logical whole. While at present we simply do not know, there’s a kind of comfort in reading an engrossing but credible fictional rendering of this huge mystery which hangs over humanity like an eternal albatross."

—Don Ecker, UFO Magazine

"UFO lore is now so systematized, wide-reaching, and detailed that it rivals the sacred stories of ancient cultures. Littleton’s grasp of the nuances of this information puts his novel on the level of classic contemporary mythology. He effectively creates larger-than-life characters, and we get a very thought-provoking way to think about what’s out there in the UFO research and rumor community."

—Dr. Elizabeth Hagens, anthropologist

"[Phase Two] is an extrapolation beyond what is known from UFO research that includes historical studies and recent case investigations including abduction investigations. . . Those who are familiar with the UFO literature will be able to spot [the author’s] numerous allusions to actually reported events."

—Dr. Bruce Maccabee, author of Abduction in My Life (2001)

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