Sunday, July 26, 2009

"I Thought, Wow, That Must Be a Planet . . . But Then It Moved!"

UFO Over  Albuquerque 7-14-09
Reader Submitted Report

     It was around 10:00 mountain time, on July 14, when I heard my dog howling outside, I thought, "Aww, how cute," so I turned my bedroom light off and looked out my window to see if I could see him howling, I couldn't, though; the moon hadn't come out yet. I looked up to the sky to see if the clouds that were covering the stars around 9:00 were still there; just a few remained, as I scanned the ridge to the east of my home I saw the brightest light in the sky that I've ever seen before. I thought, "Wow, that must be a planet!" but then, it moved. I was astounded, this was my first ever sighting of a UFO. I continued to watch it for 2 to 3 1/2 hours.

I live in a small neighborhood east of Albuquerque and so there isn't any light pollution where I live. It had four lights, they looked similar to a fluorescent light in color, but one of the lights was slightly darker than the rest, I assumed it to be the back of the vehicle by the way the UFO moved.

When a car would drive through the neighborhood a bright light on the UFO would follow it, it was like watching an eye of something, but it was a light coming from the UFO. I also noticed this light lead the UFO, I mean, if it traveled to the left the light would be pointing left as it moved, if it moved diagonally to the right and up the light would point that way.

Well, when it was starting to go out of view, I didn't want it to leave, so I flashed my cell phone light at it, the seeing light pointed in my direction then it started to move north west in my direction, I lost sight of it over the roof, and seeing how it was 1:00 or 2:00 am I fell asleep as soon as I couldn't see it anymore.

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