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UFOs & USOs Spotted While Serving on Coast Guard Ship in The Bermuda Triangle

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     During the late 70's, I was stationed on a Coast Guard ship which spent 3 weeks at a time patrolling in the Bermuda triangle. On one trip I had a low quality telescope which I had brought along to try to do some sky watching. If you have ever been out in the Ocean on a bright summer night with clear skies you would understand.

One night, about 2 a.m., I was on the fantail looking up and noticed something moving in the outer atmosphere. It was just a bright light but it's erratic movement caught my eye. It traveled about 1/4 of the horizon in about 10 seconds. Then it stopped for a moment and proceeded to move in a straight line upward. It stopped again for a few seconds, then went in a straight line to the starting point. What bothered me was that something covering that much of the horizon in such a short period of time would have to be going thousands of miles per hour. That ruled out a jet or other man made vehicle.

At first I thought maybe it was a mistake on my part, so I took the telescope up to the bridge where a friend with a better education in star gazing was on duty. I pointed out the light to him, (it had continued to move around) and asked him what he thought. He was in agreement with my speed evaluation, and told me this would qualify as a 'UFO'.

There were other times at night when we would see brightly lit objects speeding under water past our ship. The water was too shallow for it to have been subs. But we never got a good enough look to know what it was.

One night something clipped our rudder which caused our steering cable to snap. The cable was four inch thick braided steel. Just as we were finishing the repair, something hit the other rudder and snapped the cable on the other side of the ship.

Another time about 200 gallons of oil "disappeared" from a gear bath. We searched for an oil slick thinking we had a leak, but what happened to the fluid was never solved.

A lot of weird stuff out there!

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  1. year: 1997
    Place: Mumbai, India
    Time: approx 1am

    I saw 2 lights on the far horizon. One on the far left, the other on the far right. These two lights hoverred for a while after which they moved towards each other and switched places. They did this several times while hoverring for a while between each trip. From when I noticed them they were at it for about 15 mins or less and then disappeared into the night.

    The truth is out there.


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