Thursday, February 12, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Shares Recent Close Encounter Near Stephenville, Texas

UFO Seen Near Stephenville on 2-5-09
Reader Submitted Report

Thank you for responding and posting my experience.

This seems strange seeing how you could not miss what was happening - and that it was above a major highway! [The fact that so far no other witnesses have come forward . . . yet] Perhaps those who may have seen it don't want to come forth. Please let me know if you get any other "same date/time" responses.

For the record, I am 57 years old, semi-retired ex-control systems design engineer, BSEE educated and have absolutely nothing to gain by sharing this strange experience.

Part of me says that it must have been a heat seeking flare exercise by the military, but these were not flares. I emphasize that the lights were not normal lights because when they rolled around each other, they did not shine on one another. The color was very close to those industrial yellow/orange lights that keep commercial properties lit at night. And why would the military do something like this over a public highway. Even if they did, wouldn't they want to shoot a heat seeking missile at it to see if it worked????

I would love to think that they were UFOs - but why around Stephenville?? I noticed that the last posting seemed to be Jan 8, 2008 – close to a year from my sighting. Q? Will they return a year from now???

I did not add in my posting that right after the lights rolled off, I saw two very small white lights shooting off away from me to the South - moving pretty fast, up and then slightly East, all the while climbing in elevation. They were NOT at the lights, but I noticed them afterwards when I was "looking" for further action. At the time I assumed these to be jet aircraft coming for a look, but again saw no typical aircraft lighting, just tiny white lights.

Also, the lights experience happened at "visor level" - that is I had to look up at my van's visor level to observe the "show" - further proving that I was not seeing any horizon trick lighting and that I was not seeing anything happening on a nearby “mountain top” (the land is very flat around there).

Thanks for responding.

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